Dear you

I never stopped loving you

From the moment we switched on

And we met eye to eye
And you said,
God. You are beautiful

I have not stopped thinking of you
Since the day i left

You are there
Far away

Far far far away

And I am here.


There is something
about being held
When in the chaos of life

As humans
don’t seem so humanly anymore

I forewarned you

I dreamed you into existence

You pulled me close
Then spat me apart

Disclosure rips shreds
And cloaks cannot bare
The in betweens

I have not stopped thinking about you

Or dreaming of a notion of ” us ”

Coz let’s face it
Life can be fucking lonely
in our fake unmet world of busyness

I just needed to say I haven’t stopped thinking of you

I love you and I do not love you

But mostly, i love you.

I miss being able to share
Have that someone who wants to know
How my daily day was.

The crap
and butterflies
and all

I miss your dog
And your books and your art
And your bed

Yet not your heart
As unlike mine
It was unavailable
At that time

I thought i was ready
I am still ready
I pray you are one day, too.

Yet I still fucking miss
” love ”

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