rain in april.

i don’t think

       i can write about this one.
           this will take a while 

to wash myself clean;
yet i do not want her essence to leave

me yet…

i have never fallen so

deeply and clearly,

 when we step away from the bullshit…
of work. divorce. pressure. finances. judgement. 

” time ”

i do not feel circumstance

allowed us the dance

we are both so capable of.

when you find someone amazing.
gentle. complex. open. closed. tender. 

giving. broken. funny. driven. independent. supportive. 

compassionate. smart. detail noticing. animal loving.

just amazing.



     somebody who drops you in

            with a hand on the thigh

                 that hits everything….
your everything..
you don’t fuck with that.
i wish

i wish

i wish

i showed more compassion

and just..

       just let

 her be.


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