i dreamt of jade last night

in her red top
a little pale; fleeting…

handing me her published book

and a hug amidst a crowd
two hundred plus pages

sexed up, alive 

in colour

zany; like her heart

like her life 
” she navigates love so carefully ”
  we; held together 

      by invisible threads

 uncanny sounds

             of existence

a kiss


                    leaves falling
everything ; like Love 

gets taken out of context; somehow
coz we forget; how simple it is

cracks creep in

 should love  let her guard down

 lovers sit inside delicate skins

SHE is 
     together and in pieces

”  has no idea how much i.. ”

angels sound

       dream in colour


” i GET  it ”
i do.
i get it.

only animals and the stars make sense.

god continues to blow her natural disasters…
“take nothing for granted ”

says the wind to the snow 

it is

         so precious

                      your breath…

       a fool falls in love everytime
           a wise sage stays in love

                  has no agenda

  like   winds oceans

                    everything penetrable


                  every thing 



caves in the snow 

 ” and YoU

               beautiful you

                         tattooed  in my mind ”

    a  lullaby of goodbyes…

    ” i love you so..”

anna grace.

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