She said something
About the end

And Alanis Morisette
And the way
She’d slowfuck me
Like a barricade
And stream of devotion
I’d probably let her
If she was here

Primal screams
In acreage
And foilage left
Sex on lips chests
Toes hands

Whatever is inside of me

Whatever else is left of her

Said something about
Her mouth on my cunt
And two fingers
Slip delicately inside
Like an entree
Before the onslaught
Of bodies entangled
like caves in the snow

Said something about Jann Arden
don’t go there

We both ache for the truth

She is slowfucking me again
Wet like a canvas
Sweat inside
Juicy tenders explosive
For a ride yet to be taken

Turn it off

I can’t

She said something
Needing me
We’ll work it out



Yet sex cannot fix shadows
And part time vigils
Of skins and fear
And uncared fors

That is my job

It can give love
And space for healing
If we have time
And can let it

Oh her sex 

is to die for
I already know this
She is exquisite

With her love
I think

If my loins have the answer
To our story

We go to the river
The creek
She pushes me in
Down under
Naked cold
surfacing alive

I like to be free in water

I need to be free in water

I love you

WHAT is this…


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