Canadian Springs.

I miss you already

        You know this right?
I am even beginning to sound

A little like you
With intricacies

furlings and patterns

inherent weavings inside 

Our skins now

I do not know what this is

Or where she is going

I do not know; so don’t

Even ask me 
potency of connection

energy exchange

how it even happened

I have no clue

I was asleep as I became undone

My own undoings furlings crazies
The sharmans way from across

The pacific ocean

And you
 weaved your little way

Of love and lights rays

Inside of me

Despite unreachables

Despite headfucks

You feel my sex 

A radiant roll of thunder

 effortless wave

Engulfs the two of us


Yet you open me so tenderly

Gracious and true

Like a flower

In Bloom
Remembering forgottens
Buds crushed and spat out

Enlivened once more
Should I be ready

Should i be ready

welcome you

I do not know what it is about you

That uncurls me so readily
I do not know

But fuck

it makes me smile

And for me

that is enough right now
I don’t think we can switch it off

Right now…
Do you?

There is something about

Believing in the power of magic



And I can’t let you go..



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