Sun shining, Brilliantly

There is no reason

to complain


I am in the hills, Near mountains

In distance
No fountains, Though

To cure my demise

The dreamer’s disease

Can prove fatal

Goanna at my doorstep

Beautiful, sturdy and crimson

Friends in pain, and ease
whisper, go slowly now

Placidly almost


Yet, Computers call

Pay my bills, Deliver me

Race race achieve
Seems no escape, sometimes
Yet, I still make love

With trees and nature


All things water


And she, who renders me helpless

In twenty six different places

swallows me whole

Engorges me, from afar

And I imagine her in my

Bodymind, my Moments of reverie
I can’t tell you how much this

Sucks and depletes me
As, I have to deal alone anyhow
Yet perhaps


in the arms of an angel

Kissing me, Slowly

And always


There is no

fatal disease.


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