Screenshot_2017-08-24-02-19-03I long for the things that make your tummy ache and heart burn
I breathe to new belongings and foibles drenched of the earth
and thanksgiving moon

I see all things already seen before

Rain etched a drying skin
Wars born of tireless hearts
Rattleskins and bones

The child does not ask
what is the cost?

They look to the sky and their Mother
They play in dirt and sweet surrender
They see you there inside fullmoons
Or in a star shooting relentlessly to get her job done

When we are young, God seems like rainbows, butterflies and serpents;
Fairygodmothers who come
on call or off duty

As we live within the gleams of our defeat and addictions we learn,

God is floods and unborn children
Broken ribs and lovers with cancer
She is the man on the bike
Whiskey breath and abusive tongue

She is in your mother’s love
becoming Undone

She is in the helper and the helped
The Slave and the Teacher

She is in those quiet moments,
When you could slip away peacefully

She is in your bloodtests
And neutrophil infecting your sister’s heart

She is in the forgiveness
you came here to learn,
right from the start

She is in your relative
The one who bags you
to your mother and friends
The very same one who loved you
Whilst fixing her amends

She is in your hungover migraine
And recovering dreams

She is in the Shamanic Healer
Coffee Barrister
Your broken down car
And in the story etching relentlessly to be written

She is still beautiful
as she is terrifying
She is your wild lost lover
Your forever theres, you believe
When making love to wholesome men

She is your gnawing anticipation
Deliberate emancipation
In Rapes and murders
Even in the man who stripped skins
Sheathless fallings that creep in
on a three a.m sleepy midnight

Love does not want for anything

People do

Love does not believe in endings

People do

Love is that brush of your shoulder
A third eye kiss
My Papa’s laughter and
Ellie’s snore in my chin

It is creative friend’s art
And lovers dedicated to
Faith of the heart





Anna Grace.

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