Her voice

renders Me

In twenty six different places


My body aches


Tears fall


I hear her

Touching me

Touching her


In the songbirds

Near the creek

Where we met


And in my halfsleep

I feel her entirely


Sometimes I

Don’t feel very whole


Others took pieces of my soul

I cant even explain


Nor recover

A dear friend once asked

Are those really your hands?

Or mine?


How so powerful


What are they for?


why so small?


For being of service; of course



Small things

produce great change

When done



without conditions

Bereft of ownership

Nor hurts



Life; has lost her way


Less is more

moon whispers

Milky way reminds me

I am not THAT important


Butterfly dreamers

Blue yellow and green

Roam free


Pretry little Gods creatures

I look away






Dog sits in the corner

Half awake

Curiously able

To read the stories


Within the stories


Anything gets thrown casually

In the wind

I wish all would settle quickly


Dog is always awake though


Knows exactly what is going on
When gods

are dancing the edges

Her sermons

String quartets

Call my name


She is bringing me in

I do not know

I do not know

What it is a about you.


Even the moon has such small hands




I do not know…



But she does



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