Its a fast flowing breath

Its too much too soon

Too little too late

Sex on naked canvas

Dripping at gates
Its a dead end gorge

Overeating coz you cant stomach

What goes on in 

this patriarchial fucked up world

And you wonder

And you wonder
What who why is listening anymore

Its easier to duck for cover

Hide under lamenting winds

Painted canvas

Fuck yourself over

Dry in the winds

Than face the truth
But what hurts the most

What hurts?

Is that somebody let you in
Somebody beautiful

may actually love you complete
Yet you still

Have to prove yourself

To their siblings

To their others

Someone someone someone
Your own family; even

Society in general
What if we were just doves

Naked free


What if she was just a figment

Triggering your truth
What if she was a seed to be planted

Deep in my roots

My everything
What if she is everyhing 

you want 

and more
Feels like

A taste of what you cant have


And stomach burdens

They watch each other awake

And sleep in one anothers dreams
More robust than Sylvia Plath

Nor tragedy of Virginia Woolfe

Anecdotes of Anais Nin

And the rhythm of …..
A touch of angels

Hurry now

Please ….hurry

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