Lake park

We rode wild horses when young

Danced the shearing shed

Loaded hay bales

Bolwed cricket balls

Golfed in a paddock made by us
Got tossed off motorbikes

Marked lambs

Shovelled shit, he got the good jobs

Told i bowled like a girl

Devastated, i believed

I was the next Lillee

And a good bowler

Andrew had the end room

Down near the end shower

And cold

Near Dads office

A bit eerie down there

Closer to the barking dogs

And shooting stars

I was miles away

Near the spare room

Further from my parents room

My window shakey usually wet

With mist dreams or cares
Usually open

For the cat to climb into 

At crazy hours

Near blackbirds singing

And the horses in the distance
And our black lab snores 

Beautifully down the hall

I take a comfort in that
The house seemed to go forever

Well the hallways anyway

I had to sleep with the light on

Ghosts go up and down my halls

Took a while to let that one go

Lake Park

Limestone house On a hill

Overlooking a swamp

With swans


many would ache to be
Especially me
I loved it there

Lush green alive earth

I often wonder about Andrew

And his connection to the earth

He is a city boy now

and seems way more detached

Yet for me.

It is still

So much

Part of me..

And will always be home.. 

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