Such a silken

Shakey thread to ride

When you meet


Smart creative and funny


I have no words most of the time


She is able to slay me

In a moments grace

Her soul whisper

touch of her nails

On already naked skins

shivers engulf stray lands

inside of me


her smile

That smile

jawline and lips

Sent to kill even the gentlest

Of angels


And she knows it
And I love that she knows it.

Compassion for matriarchial worlds

She writes a book

Didn’t tell me

birthed and died for

Again and again and again


Says she doesnt know what love is


Pity; as she breathes it entirely

Like the breath of me

In distances
Leaves me exhiled

Totally breathless
By a look
A whisk



Or lovemaking in a pile of bliss

And; she bought a toaster



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