It’s tempting but it’s too much
Always the best kind of love

Leaves you blind

Dripping at the edges

When you visit her

From afar
I hate it

This distance can falter

Fathom less hearts

 love across the edges
Men in cars with dogs 

Rough sideshow alleys 

Not always kind

Not always kind

But able
Funny how time and conditions melt 

even the most sturdy
You can feel the one’s 

who receive the embrace

Of a woman’s care fors
The most mellow of men

Will admit it
Theyre softer 

More able

More expansive yet taken

We all have the love keepers

In us

Pies and kale aromas

Crones as ex smokers

Pitter pat by 
Young lovers buy beer and coffee

Rollies as cigarettes

Slumber by the river

Life; no regrets
Bare foot bohemians 

pick flowers

Glide and smile

Want for nothing

But her wings

Drifting the sweet earth

And love in the summertime

And we do


Best in the summertime Screenshot_2017-07-27-14-20-12

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