Buddha and a beer

Life eats life

reminded me an incredible healer


Life is about cretins and mosters and daredevils sweet angels

And blackmothers as relatives

I have a sister who hates me

This does not feel good


We can purify and still get fucking cancer

or attratct the merchant banker and sexual abuser

Be laughed at and mocked for our efforts

Intelligence does not buy a smooth ride

Nor diminsh obstacles

Arts or intelligence

I have never done plant medicine

Nor street drugs ecstasy or dmt

I have destroyed with coffee and cigatettes


I surf ocean and love nature

I can find my high here

Amongst other things

I wish i had a lover of my own

But i don’t kindle this constant


I would still rather purify

But when i was going through my healer good goody stage

My partner and the only man i have ever loved

Or felt held by

Reminded me at the airport

when i was dashing off

for yet another course

Assisting teaching craniosacral therapy

And he expressed his undying love  for me

Nervous as buggery

Expecting a ” im not ready ”

from me

And i agreed to give it a go

😉 😉 😉 😉

Anna he said

Knowing my devotion; to spirtit

And my work

” Even the Buddha has a beer ”

This relaxed my demeanour

And it is fucking amazing

What love can do

For the heart


a wanderer…

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