Kale and cigarettes

There are some things

Only human touch can amend

Like a broken back in need of a splint

The human form needs a complement

In times of trouble to keep them warm

They say we need seven hugs a day for basic survival

Did you get your quota today?

I got three but that was a good day

From three kiwis i met

There are some things only human touch can cure

The warmth of another human body to soothe the soul

This is one of God’s truths

It is getting late

I am forty three and been out of relationship

Far too long; for whatever reason

I am not one for quick fucks

Or swiping left on tinder

In fact i don’t even do tinder

But how can we meet people

When generally; people just dont talk


Gadgets have become appendages

Or takens hang on to their partners

So tight

Any well meaning stranger

Can become paedophile backpacker

Stalker or terrorist in a flash

I am joking; but you get my drift

I enjoy the occasional jungle splurge though

I always have

It is in my nature

To be sociable

A quiet pub with a fire by water

I mostly dont drink at all

Just green tea and water

And usually the crowd can be enough

To put me off for a while

I dont do drunk quibber

Or sexual inuendo revolt talk

I can have a laugh with a mate though

And somewhere amongst it all

There is always some liquid gold

And something to be grateful for

as a libran was once quite ept

At being miss butterfly and playing the game

But now i find myself socially awkward

All because of the job and lack of

Ie identity

Thingy which makes me all coy

Displaced ugly Mysterious

and nervous

But if i meet an acupuncturist

Like i just did

And offer my craniosactal services

With no words

Connection and approval is instant

No words needed

Hands that know

Bodies that trust

It surely is a beautiful glorious thing

mutual understanding and love agreement

Written in ethers by mermaids

And goblins as we talk of crop circles astrology and ufos

And climbing that mountain of acknowledgement

Between healers invites no agenda

So right

All becomes swift and relaxed in

My social world; then

Sounds a little autistic but

It is more about comfort

I love acupuncture and her ancient gifts

Nothing works for me hormonally better than needles

I had been praying under the stars


The small moon and venus above

Enjoying the weather and stillness

Avoiding some things that need to be done

Met a few beautiful dogs

Decided i MUST get one too


And warmth

I feel my ellie everyday and its been almost eight years


Blonde tall Woman and nephew fish

I removed the hook from a caught one

Thrown back and felt horrified

After all these years of witnessing fishing


had i not acknowledged

how cruel the hook in the throat thing is?

And destructive it is ripping it out?

Poor thing

Even when and if they are returned

He splattered and sideways floated

kicked and eazled his way back

Down the river….to life


I took a photo of a young glorious couple

With their pug picnic baskets

And their boags

She was slinked tall hair curled

At the bottoms

Birkenstocks lickstipped like Tara Moss

I was sure she’d be a writer

Ms pug who loved me was called Jemima

And her partner was particularly

Over enthusiastic and zealous

about the weather

Potential property

The place and our connection of ease

He was lovely though

They were both uni students

Yet to hit the independent tax

bracketed false world

that can knock the shit out of you

remove that romantic ideal

They were young

In love

And free

How is that not a beautiful and powerful thing?

I just wanted their dog

All snuffed up and abled

prancing And nearly human


All intelligent thanksgiving and Nurturing

Far more than many human beings

Dog folk know

and dogs know dog folk

It is an unwritten law

I Return to the sky and my body

I like this little spot

Down by the river

Can see mount warning

The stars collide

blues and mists emanating the

Water enough to show you

Hey  it is not about you missy

It IS all about service

If only we knew

How golden this act really is

When i get stuck

I chant and pay homage to medicine buddha

And reach out but going to nature

Is the thing

It’s been a fucking struggle


Serious health issues

Hanging on

In this body

Without another to keep me warm

And me unable to keep them warm

And stroke gently a forgotten jaw

And kiss a mishandled lip

Brush a hand

Kiss a forehead

This double edged sword called grace

And trust in life’s betrayals

The offerings in life

And death

And surrender

And enlightenment

Whatever that is

Along with the occasional fuck it all




Give up

Bounce back

Come on

But i want love

And i know

Underneath it all

People are kind and well meaning

But all so capable of loving

And touch and bodywork are so very important

Almost critical at times

Away from screens

magnetics and microwaves

and artificial intelligence

Technology is like sugar for an overfed overzealoused pancreas

We don’t need it

I don’t need it

We need oxygen





A bit of quan

Our sisterhood


From Pushing the needle too far

A giggle is better

Than a transfusion of blood

I have had both

I go for the giggle everytime








And soft authentic ideals

Gently gently they whisper to me


Gently gently kindly

They sing
Call in your grace

Call in your fish people

Call in your universal energy and



And know what peace may be


Call in your ” you ”

In another form


Slow gentle love making is possible

With the right medicine

Call her in…


And let life happen


Love annaScreenshot_2017-07-28-01-21-14

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