She came to me in a dream
All crisscrossed




beautiful, by design

lips, you ache to touch

On trembles and climax

Long distance

Soft blondes falling


Eyes. Take me.

Like mine, Faraways

The moon eclipsed

drugged, a little


Like a temple

Gorgeous, Crimson

and all snug at the bottom

Neptune sings her

Holy waters

A single feather drops

I notice her float all

way Downs to the

dirtspelt river
Trickle treating

Sweet Burlesques

From past floods
Monsiuer hawk hovers above

Solo travelling

Going north
Is it a sign? Somebody whispers

Oh…shut up


Mountains soft blue in distance

cradling like a mothers love


I climb back in my toes
Lay on the deck


Cement cold


After ten sun salutes

Down dog holds

Not very lady like,  i know
And invite her back  in ; slowly


To be with me
Imagined lips

Drip Drying


On certain surfaces


Just relax, then the rain hit


I collapse, bleeding has got me by now

Scruffed, snarled and ugly

On purpose
Ache too disruptive

For creative flow and

Incandescent dreamtimes


Intestinal knots

Slathered with anger
surging, drags me under

lash out unwanteds

at every fucking turn



I don’t like it and

It so does not feel as me


Is it payback?

Some kind of dismissal?

My misdemeanours?
Family betrayal

Reds deeps furling

floods dripping in pants lined

Surely, enough by  now


Only a puppy

can tame the wonder

Of this savage beast

Making me not want

To be woman any more



Will be gone tomorrow

Thankfully hopefully

I dream her in colour

light – all shimmery

Her essence touching
Glassboats crystals

Full circles

Ingorged me




Are you ready? Are you ready?


Ohh yes



Lotus spoons

on couches

One to one

Warm blankets



Mulled wine

No divides this time



Becoming undone
stars Colliding

remembering names

And certains

Transpersing times


Life so worth it

So very very worth it

Right now


Us warm

Complete with

half coffees

Half smiles

Half cigarettes

And Half lit breasts



Tingling sighs


decks boundless no holly

But  shells, feathers


morcheeba plays her demise

ever so gently


Like her touch
Like her body

Like her lips

And Heart

Like that time with Mary jane




Ever so cautious..


Slayed every magnificent time

Yeats and Anais Her Foreplay


Her eyes,  mine


tickle our slumber

We dont need

Anything else


We are already

Our half cries

half remembereds

pre gasms
Enticing  new

Say something. .

I will in the morning,

She whispers


Right now

Putty claylike sensual
i have you

This is not fit for words


Fuck me in the morning

Finger me like putty


From Behind


Tell me with your hands

Our story

Before any kids

get home from school

All wet disabled

And thanksgiving

Crazy and street timed



Like tangents in the snow


Our love is

No order

But drown me

In your sweet sorrow

In your water

In your knowing


with no words, Please

No order
breath our guide
caress Insides
Fully clothed


And Smoke out any

shambles or blues


No windows,

Just  Air

For  songbirds


Take flight




In this





Gosh; i love her

I need her now


Here is
To finding you this life…

Ms Anon.

Anna Grace

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