Hummingbirds and rebellion.


I never tire of nature

her lush offerings of time cosmos and forgiveness

I tire of bright lights, fancy weather, women in boots prancing the silver family lexus

For the next episode of ‘appearance matters’

You can pick them

They are usually streaked hair,bosomed and a little roll of tongue on “howw are youii?”

Frown at the barefoot dreadlocks man or displaced yoga hippy woman

( they secretly may want to be )

Invisible creatures who bask in poverty glitches yet both see past the facade of glorysome existence

After all

‘she made it in this world’ marrying private school Joe, being as miserable as sin, with her annual trip to Bali, Gold Coast and a couple of Olivia Newton John health retreats to detox that rebellion of soul

She never did do the pilates video she got In Broome, and

YOGA curtails hand to mouth white wine and keeping him warm, happy, sexed and fed

to tend to the children

who are immunised yet get every fucking disease under the sun

BeCAUSE western guru man knows best

Because Hippy and tofu are for Byron Bay residents or fawn of the Margaret River kind

Ahh I had better stop there or you’ll get me on my ADD overstimulated, traumatised, overscreened deal

Being loved for

via dadaddahh….’ Ritalin ‘

Kids on speed


Hmmm. Good call. Fear wins again.

Rainbow kids shut down


Another artist bites the dust

Win. LOSS.

And they wonder why he does not draw anymore ?

Blank. Zombies. Creativity broken in life’s time machine

I so hope this young fellow breaks away from Mum and Dad and gets to become who he really truly is

Fuck after all

That Is

What we are here for. 

On beautiful Sasha:

” She


A special




The kind butterflies sing

When they dance. ”

Harry spoke to me about the moon at dusk

Carnivours and cosmic creations

This kid knew shit

He always did

Lovely long body soft angelic voice

His Daddy will no doubt nurture and over protect him;


Like he wasn’t


Patterns broken

Yet restored

Same but different again and again and again

But i am not going to talk of roots anymore

She hurts way too much


” When somebody shows you

Their soul for the first time


Really listen

Not to their words

But what they are showing you

And who they are becoming

Walk away

But never walk away

Even when the dead man‘s walking. “

Moneymoneymoneymoney wheel





And tomatoes on toast


avocado almond butter and a splash of silence

As you lost your way yet again


To be o.k

Adult in a toxic display of emotions

a Corrupt Corrupt Establishment

bereft of kindnesss equality gentleness nor unconditional love

” Conditional love

Who made that shit up eh? ”

Seems there is still one rule for him

The patriarch

And one for her the matriarch

It doesn’t change despite feminists and dikes on bikes gigglesnorting their postmenopausal bloom

becoming the norm

PoVERTY is violence 

I hate it.

She does not fucking change

He had three near death experiences

For real; John

Lives in an amazing hindu compound in Bali

Took buddhist vows

Lived in temples

AND even took a drug path of heroin and ill behaviour before snapping into who he truly was

What a gem

I felt his cranial rhythm

I Love This

And he lives devoid of westerners

To me – this Is absolute heaven

Something about the near death experience that changes you

Your programming


Cells, DNA, RNA

Belief and timing

There is a certain air of peace about him; and in others who have temporarily left their bodies

To head down tunnels

They usually say tunnels

towards pearly white gates only to channel back down again

To earth.




There is a special kind of fluidity and honesty in their presence

Not over

Until the fat lady sings

I have been writing a bit lately

I possess the no off  button pretty much with most things I do

Good for study options; Not much else though

Breeds  loneliness and a date with Anxiety

Societys most commonly ghost

” Meditation and presence is the most important agenda for fleshy human kind these days.”

Distraction via fatty foods, iced coffee, porn, plenty of fish, grinder, netflix and game of thrones run rampant

Sad world

Mad world


 ” I never really recovered from Matthew

He tore holes in my soul I can’t even explain

Such a tender majesty

when two,

intermittently become ONE.

She kissed my lips and hips

to the smell of patchouli

And a fire Burning in the room

She;  Knew exactly what she was doing.

I; Didn‘t have a clue.

Kiss me he said

The forbidden kind I secretly love and detest

He bought me Janis Joplin cDs 

A welcome distraction from his wife and life

Nurturing not sustaining, though 

I ache for fingers down my sternum

Lips on my breasts, chest 

And those forbidden places 

Reserved for pearly white lights

And Escapes from this stifling existence

She opens me like a bud to the clouds

Adulterous yet so very clean.


my body and I


really recovered from Matthew.”

On washing me clean:

Where to start but here and ancestors i carry in my veins and deer heart

Soft and forlorn tears fall

Shame at being white man in an indigenous land

Healing is happening

We are all the ocean

Tender and humble

And necessary

She barely remembers whose lips she is kissing or breatbing anymore

Please be



” Come and  be love with me “

Happy solstice blessings


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