everybody said

the current economic and universal banking system

was going to collapse.


it hasn’t.


it didn’t.


the excitable hippy in me embraced this concept

I looked forward to a healthier, organic, nourishing, sustainable ‘newish’ lifestyle

where even relationships could be more upfront




healing and fluid

in their / our exchange

sapiosexual was normal

and we are way more tactile and free

our beings in tune

with pulse and breath

of our primordial mother.

I feel like a hypocrite though,

posting what i breathe and love;

yet not being to totally walk it.

Trust me – I have gone ‘ without ‘

When close to the earth and surf

more dirt than screen time,

i felt way more ‘ me ‘

My ideal world includes little

to no social media or facebook;

it is a whirlwind distraction.

yet my fellow artists are at times,

what sustains me

in those dark, no escape


those words, poetry, evocative

snippets of truth from pure hearts

that ‘ get me ‘


Human isolation ( unchosen ) can be a destructive chronic ugly force.

Exhaustion should never be an acceptable norm

Dear human hearts


please don’ t stop

in your pursuit for loving

others and self

keep rising

even in rubble

even for arseholes

and especially

for those forgotten few

show your intelligence

your unique magnificence

despite bullies

in an otherwise

soul destroyable enviromnent







you know you who are

‘ we are the shining stars ! ‘



we need YOU. xx



i believe

in the good things coming.

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