I feel your invisible filter

things you can’t quite grapple

nor run from but sometimes

nips at your wild free spirit



your determined nature

and humour i so adore

throw shelter to storms

relentless once more

As your body aches

Stomach gurgles.. 


i see you 

when you crumble

little warrior in disguise

under doctor’s bloodfull orders

you can no longer hide


i feel your pain 

with aesthetics

as your gorgeous hair refrains

and now lashes play russian

roulette with your

I am sure you feel

Every emotion possible
Trinkets of laughing and crying

All midsentence

Wet and disabled


We all recognise your beauty

within one another;
check out your cheernsquads

love and devotion


i feel you in those

Many moments of grace
Pieces of panic 

when your heart 

is a misunderstood race


i feel you inside my very own soul

Artist lover sister friend
i carry your quiver right

Through my bones


your heart spans the atlantic

ocean and cosmos too


i just want you to know this thing
has not got you 

and has

no clue just who he-she-it
is dealing with



we love you Jennifer

i love you Jennifer;

thankyou for your inspirationIMG_20170405_143828_975our girl
Credit pic Jennifer fields summer

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