anna grace musings




Anna Hookings is from country South Australia, blessed having grown up, on over two thousand acres of grazing green earth, alongside her brother.

She is finding love for expression via art, story and connection through poetry and musings.

A trained Physiotherapist, she fell into the healing arts, after a serious auroimmune illness, then trained with the Upledger Institute, practiced and later assistant teacher of Craniosacral Therapy.

She found wonderful mentors in the Adelaide Hills who acknowledged the power of touch in healing our mind body and spirit connection.

We are more than just our physical. Our soma and DNA hold tissue memory and intelligence from many lives, that is beyond our conscious control, and this heals us.

She has been recording her stirrings, visions, and societal observations over the past couple of years, inspired by such writers as Maya Angelou, Anais Nin, Aisha Wolfe, Jennifer Fields Summer, Maya Papaya, Rumi, Hafiz, and Passionfruitcowgirl to name a few.

Focus is on nature, health, family, grief, adventure, feminism, esoterics, mother wounding and our spiralling quests for truth.

Frustrated by the world economical stage, corrupt media, and inequality, she continues to look for inspiration and beauty outside the usual realm.

‘ poverty is the worst form of violence ‘ – Ghandi

this, so needs to change.


” I am in love with nature

and everything she offers;

I surf and most home in the ocean.

I adore the artist, brazen, raw

seeker who conveys passion, and

electrical intelligence through

their craft.

Anyone who bares or captures

soul. To me that,

is everything.”


” Somebody once told me

I was a great orignial writer;

I believed them – It chooses you

when it chooses you.


If it stirs you, evokes you,

troubles you,  wakes you,

changes you, enlivens you;

it has done it’s job.


We – are, collectively healing both

sides now. ”

thankyou for tuning in, sharing,

the ride.


we are all in this together.


Anna x



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